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Weight loss: 5 questions you need to answer to find out if your workout is working

Weight loss is a slow process, we all know it. One cannot get into good shape just in the blink of an eye. But sometimes we spend a hell lot of a time in the gym exercising and still wonder if we are doing enough to get into the perfect shape. Most of the times, people find themselves in a situation where theywodoubt if they are moving in the right direction. If you are also one of them, ask these 5 tough workout related questions to yourself:
Here are 5 questions you should ask yourself:

Are you exercising enough?
In order to lose weight, you need to take care of both, your eating habits and your workout routine. You need to at least workout for 3 days in a week for a minimum of 30 minutes. If you are failing to meet the workout days then it may impact your weight loss goal. For 30-minute, challenge your body by increasing the pace of your workout. If you often travel then exercise at home or go for a walk.

Are you able to speak properly while working?
If you are able to talk properly and sing a song while running on the treadmill then you are probably not working hard enough. It is important to challenge your body when trying to lose weight. You need to work hard if you are working only three times a day. If you are not able to do fast-paced workout for the entire 30 minutes then do it in intervals. Exercise at a fast pace for 30 seconds and then switch to a normal pace for 1-2 minutes. This will give some recovery time to your body.


Are you following the same workout routine?
Change is necessary for your body. Doing the same exercise every day makes your body bored and you reach a weight loss plateau. Switching your exercise routine after sometime helps you burn more calories. If you are doing cardio from a month then go for weight lifting or running.


Are you stressed out?
Yes, stress can lead to weight gain. And you must be surprised to know that even over-exercising can make your body feel stressed out. The more stressed you are, the more fat you will store in your body. Enjoy your workout time and do not go overboard with it.

If a workout is making you sore?
If you are following an intense workout routine, then certainly it would make you sore. But the soreness should not be there for more than 2 days. If your body is hurting for more than 48 hours after you exercise, then slow down. Over-training does not give your body a chance to recover and it can even make you feel tired and irritated.

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